DocPort Documentation


Docport’s Header displays Site Title and Site shortcuts.


Site Title

As defined in site config.toml

Site shortcuts (Top level menu)

If you want to add a link to a page or an external site to this menu, add it in config.toml, specifying the weight to order them.

	name = "Github"
	identifier = "ds"
	url = ""
	weight = 10

	name = "Download"
	url = ""
	weight = 11

	name = "Hugo Documentation"
	identifier = "hugodoc"
	url = ""
	weight = 20

	name = "Credits"
	url = "/docport-theme/credits/"
	weight = 30

Read more about hugo and menu here

Overide header content

Create a _layout/header/ page in content root folder. Its content is what you get in the header (site shortscurs remains)

	└──	_layout
		   └── header

This allow you to define a localized header content.

Hide site header

Set hide: header in your page’s frontmatter, see an example here