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Display one of the 2 298 icons like

It uses :

This icon shortcode will display an icon in your page.


Parameter Default Description
name required name of icon (see bellow)
size none size of icon, medium, xx-small, x-small, small, large, x-large, xx-large, 11px, 2em, 20%….
style fas use fas for solid or fab for brands see here


	{{< icon name="fa-save" size="64px" >}}
	{{< icon name="fa-save" size="32px" >}}
	{{< icon fa-save >}}

	{{< icon name="fa-github" style="fab" size="64px" >}}
	{{< icon name="fa-github" style="fab" size="32px" >}}
	{{< icon fa-github b >}}

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