DocPort Documentation

DocPort Theme for Hugo

DocPort, a professional documentation theme built for Hugo.
It provides a simple navigation, automatic search engine, a high level of configuration and a bunch of shortcodes crafted for documentation (attachment, presentations, child pages, notice, alerts, diagrams…).

DocPort works with a “page tree structure” to organize content : All contents are pages, which belong to other pages. read more about this.

Main features

Contribute to this documentation

Use the “improve this page” button on the right side on each page to edit (in browser) and submit your change. (or git fork and pull request)

Documentation website

This current documentation has been statically generated with Hugo with a simple command : hugo -t docport – source code is available here at GitHub.

Static + content management

I author this current documentation via Netlify CMS.
Docport theme seamless works with Netlify CMS

Help Try the improve this page button on the right side of each page