DocPort Documentation


The following steps are here to help you initialize your new website. If you don’t know Hugo at all, we strongly suggest you to train by following this great documentation for beginners.

We assume that all changes to Hugo content and customizations are going to be tracked by git (GitHub, Bitbucket etc.). Develop locally, build on remote system.

Prepare empty Hugo site

Create empty directory, which will be root of your Hugo project. Navigate there and let Hugo to create minimal required directory structure:

$ hugo new site .

After that, initialize this as git directory where to track further changes

$ git init

Install DocPort as git submodule

DocPort will be added like a dependency repo to original project. When using CI tools like Netlify, Jenkins etc., submodule method is required, or you will get theme not found issues. Same applies when building site on remote server trough SSH.

On your root of Hugo execute:

$ git submodule add themes/docport

Next initialize submodule for parent git repo:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Now you are ready to add content and build your documentatyion.

Do not change any file inside themes directory.


Follow instructions here