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Look and feelColors

By default, a site using docPort has the theme’s default color.
However, if you want your own color scheme (and you probably will!) you can very easily override the theme defaults with your own project-specific values - Hugo will look in your project files first when looking for information to build your site.

This theme use 2 colors, named as “main” and “second” color and compute other colors from them.

You can set theses colors by editing the site config.toml file.

Main color

This color is mainly used on left menu, a darker version is used for header background and content text.

When omited, a random value is computed on build

	color_main = "#B0B0B0"

2nd color

This color is mainly used for links.
When omited, this color is computed from main color with a saturated calculation.

	color_second = "red"

Random colors

Comment theses two params in your config.toml, you will have random colors on each build… :)

Examples of random colors